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Postpartum Physical Therapy

The Benefits of Postpartum Physical Therapy 

The process of giving birth is a miraculous experience. However, it can also be incredibly taxing on the body. After all, you are carrying around a baby for nine months and then pushing them out! That’s why postpartum physical therapy is so important; it helps new moms recover from childbirth and get back to their full strength and health. Let’s look at some of the benefits of postpartum physical therapy. 


Reduced Pain and Discomfort 


One of the most common issues that new moms face after childbirth is pain or discomfort in their abdominal muscles and pelvic region. This pain can make it difficult for women to perform daily tasks such as picking up their baby or simply getting out of bed in the morning. Postpartum physical therapy helps by strengthening these areas, reducing not only current pain but also preventing future problems that could arise due to weakened muscles. 


 Improved Core Strength 


Another benefit of postpartum physical therapy is improved core strength. As your abdominal muscles are weakened due to pregnancy and childbirth, you need to rebuild your core strength in order to support your spine and pelvic region while engaging in everyday activities such as lifting your baby or standing for long periods of time. By participating in postpartum physical therapy exercises, you will be able to strengthen your core muscles and improve your overall posture which can help relieve any lower back pain you may experience during this period. 


Better Balance & Flexibility 


Finally, postpartum physical therapy can help improve balance and flexibility which are essential for new mothers who are constantly lifting their babies or changing diapers throughout the day. By strengthening the muscles surrounding your joints you will be able to move more freely without worrying about putting too much strain on them which could result in injury down the line. Additionally, improving balance will allow you to move more confidently with less risk of falls or slips which can happen easily when juggling a newborn baby at home!  

At Distinctive Physical Therapy & Wellness Center, we offer specialized postpartum physical therapy services to help you recover quickly and safely after childbirth. Contact us today to learn more about our postpartum physical therapy program and begin your journey back to optimal health!  ​

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